About MamaMea

My name is Elmien and I am a mother to three beautiful children under the age of 6.

I have always loved being creative: whether drawing, dancing, singing, knitting, or playing the piano, I just always need to be busy with something creative.
Even from a young age I was always doing something “artsy”:
Ballet, art class, music class, singing in the school choir, sewing alongside my mom.

After school I got my Fashion Design & Marketing degree from the Design School of Southern Africa and made wedding dresses for 2 years. I then studied to become a ballet teacher at the Royal Academy of Dance and taught ballet class for another 2 years.

But when my kids were born I had to find a different way to channel my creativity while dealing with breastfeeding, dirty diapers and sticky toddler hands. That’s when I discovered crocheting.

After the first pony I made I just fell in love with this art form. You could literally make ANYTHING with a hook and some yarn! My imagination ran wild and soon I started designing my own patterns! And thus MamaMea was born: I started crocheting after Mea was born, and so the name was derived from ‘mama’ to ‘Mea’.

Every animal or blanket that I design is made for my children first! They are always my number one inspiration and testers of these creations of mine. To see if the doll can be hugged, or the little bunnies can be dressed easily by tiny 3 year old hands. And then, if they love it, it will be written down as a pattern and made available to hundreds of other mommies, so that they too can make something truly special for their favorite little humans in their lives!

So I hope that you see the love that goes into designing these crochet toys and blankets.
And my hope is that you will enjoy making them as much as I enjoyed creating them!

Happy making!